The Value of Texture

Many of you know I am a mental health therapist, and over the past 12 years in private practice many little (and big) faces have come and gone through my door. If you were to come to my office, you would see sitting on my small green couch a very sad and worn looking pillow.  I purchased it about 6 years ago, and have been trying to retire it for the past 2 years – but it has been reclaimed from the storage cabinet, out of the hefty bag destined for the dumpster, and retrieved from the back of my car.   Why?  Not because it looks pretty, I can assure you that! I think is has much more to do with all those who have held that pillow being comforted by the cool satin against their skin - and it’s just the right size and “poofiness” to hug and hold. The sheer fabric with inlaid velvet flowers is no longer there after hours of being traced with a finger or pet like a kitten.  Two of the four tassels remain, and I remember fondly the time when a fidgety 7 year old was giving his hands something to do, and accidentally pulled off the tassel and quickly said “Let’s tape it back on – I really like these things.”

We all respond to texture, the tactile value of an object.  Our favorite sweater or cuddle blanket has usually been chosen because of how it feels, and how good it makes us feel.  This is why you will see textures celebrated with Sorrisi pillows.  I have taken an extra measure of time to choose interesting fabrics and trims for each pillow so they are as fun to feel as they are to look at.   From ostrich feathers on the Diva pillow, to a soft furry teddy bear with satin paw pads, to a vinyl red truck – each pillow has quite an extensive and varied list of fabrics and notions especially chosen for your child’s little fingers to trace, pet, hug and hold.

As I sit here writing, I am aware of the brisk wind whipping through the trees and the leaves falling, and yet I remain contentedly cozy in my favorite chocolate brown fleece camping shirt.  Ah . . .

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